Is your body feeling tight, uncomfortable, and easily aggravated and injured?

Do the ongoing niggles you feel wear you down? 

Do your symptoms come back quickly after treatments? 

Are you wanting to find an approach that can help you uncover the deeper causes of your pain? 


If your pain patterns are returning quickly, it’s likely that what is driving your pain isn’t being fully addressed. We are passionate about working with you and your body to help provide longer term solutions that give you greater freedom to enjoy your life. 


     WHAT WE DO  

Here at Thrive Healthcare, we have a modern approach to chiropractic that is aimed at working with you to address and treat the puzzle of your pain presentation. Be that acute and chronic pain, our goal is to have your symptoms resolved and stabilised to reduce the need for ongoing treatments. 

Our treatment methods are gentle, non-invasive, and are used to treat mechanical, and neurological dysfunction within the musculoskeletal system of your body.

Each treatment is individually tailored to how your body symptoms are expressing. Treatment of the underlying drivers of your pain are assessed as they present on the day. We appreciate and respect how the body responds to the affect’s of stress, lifestyle choices, environment, mental and emotional states, and past injury and trauma. This consideration is front of mind, which helps us ensure your assessment and treatment suit what you can be experiencing in your life at the time. 

 We use traditional philosophies of chiropractic, integrated with techniques that have been extensively researched and are evidence based, to effect the neuroplastic potential of the brain. This marriage of treatment practice has enriched, and brought about a dynamic of longer lasting, results based treatment into the sphere of chiropractic. 

With particular treatment method’s used, we are able to consider and bring into context the effect that stress has on your nervous system, treatment results, and the recurrence of your pain patterns. This method is particularly useful to help us stabilise your nervous system to reduce the effects and influence stress can have on your pain and symptoms. You can discuss this approach in greater detail with your chiropractor. 

We feel passionate about engaging in a two way discussion with you that is aimed at establishing the best way to move forward in addressing your individual presentation.

      WHO WE TREAT  

We enjoy treating clients of all walks of life. Active and sedentary people, amateur sporting participants, athletes, children and those who continue to experience ongoing pain and pathology. 

We have a particular interest in treating athletes, and find it very rewarding to play our part in the journey an athlete travels in order to achieve their goals and dreams.

We treat athletes from a broad range of sports, and are currently involved with cycling, soccer, AFL and golf. Our approach is an appropriate and effective way to enhance performance.


Our chiropractors take a holistic approach to your care. We dedicate extended appointment durations for all your appointments, allowing for a careful, thorough and systematic approach to each individual presentation. We conduct a thorough and exhaustive history, orthopaedic, neurological, and functional examination and if required diagnostic imaging. 

We seek to understand and learn about how your symptoms affect your day to day life and guide you to the small steps you can take towards feeling more yourself.

Once your presentation has stabilised, we like to educate and provide techniques and strategies to prevent recurrence of your complaint.

We also work closely with a broad network of healthcare professionals to achieve the best outcome for you. With this, we can work together to ensure progress and healing, and that your desired outcomes and expectations are addressed and met. It is our vision to have you seeing the practitioner/s that compliment and/or are more suited to your specific pathology and symptom presentation. 


We encourage you to get in contact with the clinic and discuss any of your Chiro related questions with one of our team. We are more than happy to see how we can help you and would love to connect and see if we are a good fit.
 We look forward to meeting you!