Craig Short

My name is Craig Short, Co-Director and Chiropractor of Thrive Healthcare. Bailey and I launched Thrive Healthcare in 2016, with the vision of creating a multidisciplinary environment of like minded professionals. 


I graduated with distinction from RMIT University, Melbourne in 2010 with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Comp Med) and a Masters of Clinical Chiropractic.

Since this time, I have been on a journey of discovery, that has taught me much about how I like to practise. My favourite demographic to work with are athletes. At Thrive Healthcare, I am lucky enough to manage numerous professional athletes from a broad range of sports, including but not limited to; cycling, soccer, AFL and golf.

I have a strong background in the new and exciting field of neuroplasticity, and see great value in utilising this as part of managing musculoskeletal conditions.

I have recently taken up the role of teaching dry needling with Wayne Mahmoud and the team at CPD Health Courses, and I'm thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to share some knowledge with fellow colleagues. 

Away from professional life, I enjoy all things sport, as well as spending time with my lovely wife and two boys.


Bailey Keatley

My name is Bailey Keatley, Podiatrist and Co-director of Thrive Healthcare. 


I have over 12 years of clinical experience and graduated from UniSA in 2005 with a Bachelor of Podiatry.  I enjoy exploring the significance of feet as the foundation of our bodies. Podiatry has given me a grounded base to build on my knowledge and studies of the human body. I have spent my career predominantly in the private sector with a keen interest in the functional and biomechanical elements of podiatry care and therapy. 


Through my own personal journey, I have followed a path to discover and understand more deeply the science of how our bodies heal from injury, acute, chronic and complex pain. I have found this requires respect and understanding of the complex nature and relationship of our brain, mind and body. I believe this includes the impact and responses we have to deeply embedded belief's and perception's; mental and emotional stress, environment, lifestyle choices, and past trauma and injury. 


My focus specifically relates to pathologies and pain conditions of the lower limb and feet. This also considers how we move and the impact this has on our gait patterns, and foot and leg posture.

Early on in my podiatry career I was exposed to hands on modalities. This lead to learning and integrating these techniques into what I do. They include, but are not limited to, dry needling, massage, fascial release techniques, and foot mobilisation therapy (FMT). I have some amazing mentors and I continue to expose myself to professional and personal development opportunities of a varied scope.

Integrating knowledge from yoga and personal development studies has been an integral part of my growth as a practitioner. I completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training in 2014 and am continuing my studies. In December 2017 I  completed a 20 hour Trauma Centre Trauma Sensitive Yoga Workshop (TCTSY) which has helped my practice become trauma informed. 

Exposure to yoga and my own personal experiences, has expanded my awareness and lead to the study of the mind body connection and relationship. This is of particular interest and something I see being of ongoing focus and study within my practice of podiatry. Education of this for both client and practitioner can facilitate a pathway of deeper understanding about how we relate to our pain, ourselves and the world around us.  I believe this can help empower our ability to self heal and self regulate to recover the nervous system to a state of healthy functioning and equilibrium.


My intention is to create a space for healing and exploration of potential causes of presenting pain and symptoms. I see deep value in inviting and referring to other practitioners into the plan of treatment to enhance and expand understanding of the deeper causes of pain. I don't have all the answers. I believe you do. My hope and passion is to help you uncover and discover the healer within you. 


In my spare time I love nature - (especially the beach), hugs, laughing, connecting, creating and learning. I jump at the opportunity to attend a retreat or workshop to learn more about all things body, mind, spirit…and of course.. feet!

I hope to empower you to walk your own path with greater connection, ease and joy.