How do your feet feel at the start or end of the day?

How often do your feet feel the ground? 

How do they feel when you are barefoot?

Do you avoid being barefoot because of pain or sensitivity? 

What would life be like if the discomfort of your feet & legs wasn't felt all the time? 


If you experience pain regularly, it’s likely your feet are sending you alarm bells, things aren’t all that happy. 



Here at Thrive Healthcare, we have adopted and are embracing a modern approach to podiatry.  We use hands on modalities that aim to address dysfunction of your feet and lower limbs, with consideration of the whole of you! Foot mobilisation therapy (FMT), soft tissue release techniques and dry needling, are a powerful adjunct and compliment to orthotic therapy and traditional biomechanics and podiatry practices. When considering the whole of you, we take into account who you are; what you do; how you live; past medical, injury and treatment history; your goals and desires; and where, and how you want your feet to carry you in life. We don't overlook the more superficial aspects of your feet such as your toenails, corns, callus and dry cracked heels. However, we are most passionate about the deeper issues and pains that arise and present in your feet and lower limbs. 


We enjoy treating clients of all walks of life. Active and sedentary people, amateur sporting participants, athletes, children and those who continue to experience ongoing pain and pathology in their feet and lower limbs.

We have found it particularly rewarding to treat those who experience acute injury and pain; chronic pain and imbalance; have conditions such as rheumatoid and osteoarthritis; have experienced traumatic injury and continue to have ongoing pain and dysfunction; and are recovering and rehabilitating from post surgical intervention.

Our approach is an also appropriate and effective way to enhance performance. We treat cyclists, dancers, runners, football and netball players to name a few. 


Our expertise can be a great pathway to seek before, and as part of exploring any surgical options that may be required in the treatment of particular foot and lower leg condition's and pain presentation's. We love to be able to help you avoid any surgical intervention where possible. We are also able to recommend and refer you, via your GP, to those specialists when appropriate and necessary. 


With comprehensive assessment, diagnosis and treatment of your presenting condition, we aim to facilitate the bodies innate healing capacities to function and support itself. Given the chance and with appropriate consideration of your starting point, there is wonderful potential for healing.  

Ultimately, the goal is to address the deeper causes of your pain. We are particularly passionate about guiding you to these potentials.  Part of this journey can be referring to trusted health care professionals and therapist's to expand understanding of your symptoms and the connection they may have to your lower limb presentation. With this, we can work together to ensure progress and healing, and that your desired outcomes and expectations are addressed and met. It is our vision to have you seeing the practitioner/s that compliment and/or are more suited to your specific problems, should they not just be coming from your feet. 

If required, we are able to refer for diagnostic imaging - X-rays and Ultrasound.


We have a special interest in not over prescribing orthotics. We use them as part of a treatment and management plan when and if appropriate. They are very much a case by case consideration and we respect and value past history and experience of the use of orthotics.

We understand that not all feet and bodies agree with them, and that some client's prefer to avoid them if possible. We also regard them to be an important step in the healing process for many client's and will also recommend and prescribe orthoses when we see them to be a necessary part of your treatment journey. We use current and up to date techniques, 3D laser CAM scanning software and versatile materials to ensure customised and comfortable orthoses. We do all that we can to ensure you have a positive orthotic therapy experience.


Ongoing learning and education is geared towards understanding how our feet relate to our whole body, mind and spirit, and how to come into balance, flow and alignment with ourselves and how we desire to live.

With your feet as your foundation, the stories they tell, can help us guide you to your next step in feeling empowered in your own healing journey. 


We encourage you to get in contact with the clinic and discuss any of your podiatry related questions with one of our team. We are more than happy to see how we can help you. From painful corns, to heel pain, ankle sprains and old injuries, we would love to connect with you and see if we are a good fit. 
We look forward to meeting you and your feet!